Jun 022013

Revision tips

This section of my blog has posts on revision tips and includes some on dealing with exam stress (you might want to check out the section on mindfulness too as this will improve your productivity and ability to relax).

Biology revision plans outlines the stages you should build into a revision plan and has an example to download for GCSE

Making a revision timetable gives an overview of making a timetable for all subjects with a recommended web site to use

Best revision tips is possibly my most important post as it outlines the research underpinning my revision suggestions. I followed this with another post when the BBC reported on the study.

My post on some revision tips gives some tips from others

How to revise series

1. Why revise

2. Where should I revise

3. When to revise

4. What to revise

5. How to revise

Finally some help if you’ve left revision a bit late! Help I don’t have time to revise it all!

Exam stress and diet

Tips on dealing with exam stress

It is important that students recognise and deal with exam stress. Have a look at the mindfulness posts too.

Symptoms of exam stress

Exam stress tips- better sleep

Dealing with exam stress- diet

Exam stress tips- exercise

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